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Vision and Values

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Our Vision and Values were launched in 2015 as a fundamental statement of who we are as a College and how we are going to shape the College for the future.  Our Vision states what we want to accomplish and our Values describe how we shape our culture to ensure we deliver excellence for our students, staff, partners and other key stakeholders.


North East Scotland College will, through the delivery of high quality education and training:

  • drive and support innovation and economic prosperity,
  • raise aspiration,
  • create success, and
  • promote diversity, fairness and opportunity for all

Providing individuals, businesses and communities in the North East of Scotland with 21st century skills.

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The College's values shape our work, influence our behaviours and apply to everyone who comes to the College to learn or work.

Commitment and Excellence

  • Understanding and responding to the needs of our students, staff, key stakeholders and customers
  • Being business-like and professional
  • Maintaining clear focus on our goals and ensuring these are achieved through effective planning and organisation
  • Achieving excellence by continually evaluating and improving our services
  • Ensuring our processes are consistent, accessible, effective and efficient.

Empowerment and Engagement

  • Creating an environment where innovation and creativity are encouraged and can flourish
  • Providing clear direction, information and communication
  • Providing development opportunities to ensure we have the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform to the best of our ability
  • Giving recognition and praise
  • Encouraging and supporting collaboration.

Respect and Diversity

  • Valuing the experience and talent of all
  • Treating others with dignity and respect
  • Creating an accessible, inclusive learning and working environment
  • Being fair, open and transparent to ensure a culture of mutual trust and integrity.
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