Student Spotlight - Drew Burness

When he left school, Drew Burness (26) successfully applied for a gardening apprenticeship with his local council.  After a few years in the role, he decided that he wanted to do something different and looked into returning to full-time education. 

Drew Burness in the science labs at NESCol

Having always been interested in how things work, Drew looked into studying Applied Science at college.  Despite living in Montrose, he felt that North East Scotland College in Aberdeen was the best option for him.  He said, “I was attracted to NESCol because of its strong links with universities which leads to a wide range of options post-college.” 

After spending four years at NESCol working his way up from NC Level 5 to HND level, Drew looks back on his studies as a very positive experience.  He said, “I’ve really enjoyed everything about being a student at NESCol.  The lecturers have been great – they are really approachable if you’re stuck with anything or want to ask questions. They have a wide range of industry experience and are very willing to share this with their students.”

Now nearing the end of his HND, Drew has decided not to go on to university. He said, “I’m finished with studying for now and want to get back into the workforce.” Having enjoyed the practical side of his studies, he was keen to work in a laboratory environment and is delighted to have been offered a job in Arbroath.  He said, “I’ve been offered a job as a lab analyst with Baird’s Malt and they are allowing me to work part-time with them while I finish my studies before going full-time once I’m finished.”

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