Getting started

Starting out at College can be a bit daunting, but it doesn't have to be! We have a wide range of teams and technologies in place to ensure that life as a student at North East Scotland College is the best it can be.

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Academic Calendar

Find out about important dates throughout the Academic Year, including block start and end dates, resulting week dates and the various holiday periods.

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Students' Association

Find out more about the College's Students' Association and how you can get involved.

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Code of Conduct

Students attending North East Scotland have a right to study and socialise in a safe, non-threatening environment. The College's Code of Conduct forms part of your learning agreement with the College and sets out the standards of behaviour expected.

The Student Code of Conduct outlines what is expected from students, and what is deemed as unacceptable behaviour. Failure to maintain the standards and behaviour set out in the code may lead to action under the Student Disciplinary Policy.

Student Code of Conduct PDF, 410.08 KB

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