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A future in Engineering

There are many different ways that Engineers can impact the way we live and work. We explore some exciting and innovative examples!

If you think studying engineering will limit your career choices to oil and gas, think again!  Engineers bring new ideas to life in a huge variety of industries across the world.  If you’re a creative problem solver who likes a challenge then engineering could be for you.

Engineering companies are projected to need 182,000 people with engineering skills each year to 2022 in the UK.*

By studying engineering, you could change the way we all live our lives! 

* My World of Work

Engineering: The Future’s in Your Hands PDF, 1.25 MB

Assistive Technologies

Developing technology to make life easier for people with disabilities.

Could you invent something to improve someone's sight or hearing?

FACT: A team in Korea recently developed the Dot Watch, a smart watch which uses magnets to raise and lower pins arranged in a grid pattern to create Braille letters. It connects via Bluetooth to translate text from iMessage into Braille letters for the visually impaired wearers of the device.

montage of images relating to assistive technologies

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Developing the next generation of electronic devices.

How would you improve a smartphone?

FACT: Flexible mobile phone screens are currently in development and should be available in the next few years. Can you imagine being able to fold up your phone to fit in your pocket?

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Environmental Sustainability

Developing ways to protect the environment.

Could you invent something to help improve how scientists track deforestation?

FACT: Satellite pictures are already used to track how quickly forests are disappearing across the world but the current systems can only detect large losses and the images aren’t updated often enough. Innovation is required in this area to help monitor the situation more accurately.

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Health & Wellbeing

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By inventing new electronic devices to change the way we look and feel.

Could you develop straighteners which don’t damage hair?  

FACT: NASA light therapy technology, used by astronauts to treat cuts and relieve pain in space, is being used to develop devices to be used in the home to treat acne and other skin conditions.

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Renewable Power

Developing new sustainable ways of generating power.

Did you know that Scotland has huge wave and tidal energy potential?

FACT: Renewables are the single largest contributor to electricity generation in Scotland—higher than both nuclear generation (33%) and fossil fuel generation (28%). There are 21,000 jobs in the low carbon and renewable energy economy in Scotland across 9 renewable energy sectors.

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Space Travel

montage of images relating to space travel
Developing ways to explore new worlds.

Could you develop technology to keep astronauts safe on journeys across the solar system?

FACT: The space industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK economy, generating a turnover of £12bn a year – double that of a decade ago. New innovations include the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), built to image the Universe with unprecedented clarity.

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Sport and Fitness

Developing equipment to improve athletes performance.

What improvements would you make to fitness trackers?

FACT: UK Sport's Innovation Programme enlisted British engineering firms to help UK athletes deliver medal-winning performances at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Examples include P2i, an Oxford based company helping Olympic sailors repel water using nanotechnology, McLaren enabling coaches to track wheelchair basketball players using radio signals, and BAE Systems timing cyclists to within a millionth of a second using laser technology originally developed for the battlefield.

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Developing new, more efficient transportation systems.

What would you do to improve travel in the north-east?

FACT: A US billionaire is currently developing a 'hyperloop' train which could travel at over 700 miles per hour.

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Find out more


If you want to find out more, visit the Engineer Jobs website to have a look at the many different types of engineering jobs available. 

You can also visit the Tomorrow's Engineers website for some amazing examples of real people working in an exciting range of engineering jobs.

North East Scotland College offers a wide range of engineering courses – from introductory through to advanced level.

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