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The University of Aberdeen is a historic and well renowned institution, excelling across a number of disciplines and offering a great student experience. Progressing there will allow you to complete a degree in one of Scotland’s oldest and most prestigious universities, named as one of the top 150 universities in the world.

North East Scotland College have an agreement with the University of Aberdeen to develop easier progression routes into their degree programmes, and successful completion of a number of different College courses can allow entry into year two or three of a related degree course.

If you do decide to apply to the University of Aberdeen, you must be aware that some applications may require you to meet certain conditions, for example gaining a certain level of pass in your HND Graded Units, or achievement of a particular option unit(s) as part of your course. You must also remember to apply only to the year of entry that is specified in the articulation agreement.

As you are progressing from College to the University of Aberdeen, you will get the chance to become an Associate Student. This means you can access a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to the University Sports facilities and Aquatics Centre
  • Membership of the University library
  • Membership of The Hub (Student Life Building)
  • Membership of University's Students’ Association
  • Access to various types of student support

If you’d like some further information, the University holds an Open Day in August every year, and if you apply you will be invited to the Applicant Days in March. You can always visit at another time however, using the Open Door visits scheme.

Visit the ‘study’ section of the website to find out more about studying at the University of Aberdeen


The following courses at North East Scotland College can lead to further study at the University of Aberdeen:

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University of Aberdeen

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